About PrimeroIN

PrimeroIN is a mobile on-demand solution for improved performance and productivity for your business. The SAAS product enable field executive create effective field activity plan and then real-time monitoring of field activities by managers giving a real view of daily activity. You can create sector wise plan to national plan, monthly, weekly and daily plan, obtain plan approval, real-time activity reporting, sales reporting, claim travel allowances, and more. PrimeroIN™ allows managers to control and manage all activities through a easy to use back office module, providing a 360 degree view of field operations. PrimeroIN is efficient solution for pharmaceutical companies, companies dealing with agricultural machines and equipment, courier companies, travel and transport companies, and some others.

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Reasons to Choose Us

  • Application works in offline Mode
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Enhances productivity in cost effective way
  • Approval of expenses and order
  • Reports in excel format

Best Tracking Application

If your business depends on field operations and thousands of staff, passenger vehicles, transport trucks – you want to manage your business from a central locations or multiple locations PrimeroIN™ is a perfect solution for you. The product manages door-to-door sales staff, delivery person, field marketing executives with a simple real-time dashboard that allows you to navigate to a specific activity to monitor individual performance.

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