Make every trainee to be a performer (self-reliant), result oriented (customer focus), productive (cost effective) in the area of his/her training


To certify any trainee as industry ready only after completing 500 effort hours and 5000 lines of coding in the area of training in 100 working days.

This benchmark comes with an analysis that the minimum effort for any fresher to join the industry should be 25% of the industries’ yearly effort.

Added to this, the trainee should be a part of the real-time software development.

Say, an average of 10 working lines of code per hour -> 5 hours per day -> 50 lines of code per day -> 5000 lines of code in 100 days)

Training outline

  • Training in one specific area (like Core java, .NET, PYTHON etc.,), supporting tool and implementation.
  • Number of training days : 100 days
  • Number of training hours per day : 5 hours
  • Mode of training: Completely hands-on
  • Industry Ready, skilled resources


To establish right methodology where in the a candidate feels he/she is industry ready and industry is hiring right candidates at the entry level.


To accomplish placing of 1000 freshers per year in the industry with trained skills in appropriate areas.


The Trainees will imbibe the process of development, business values, code of conduct, business etiquette