Unleash the power of MyDay

The MyDay app is a powerful tool that can help your business increase productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction. It empowers field staff and managers to access data both online and offline, providing a seamless experience regardless of connectivity.

Real Estate

Features & Benefits

Activity Management

Efficiently plan visits and record field activities with our system’s note-taking and live imaging features

Expense Management

Enables users to submit digital copies of expense documents

Live Images

Capture live images with geo-location for validation

Real Time Mapping

Streamline field activities, measure task distances, and optimize operations with our innovative solution

Log Management

Easily manage attendance of your on-field staff with our punch-in and punch-out feature
KPI (key performance Indicator)

Graphical representation of all round field performance.

Application features

MyDay is a SaaS-based application that unifies all aspects of your business into one streamlined and powerful system

Fast & Reliable App

Key Highlights

Realtime statistics on orders, Payments and returns.

Reduces operational expenses and increases efficiency.

Field staff activity counts can be monitored.