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Transforming Lives: A Labor Project Empowering Workers in Rural India

The “Saksham Kaushal: Empowering Rural Workforce” project in India is a 5-year initiative led by the Ministry of Rural Development. Its main objectives are to enhance the skills of rural workers, facilitate job placement, promote entrepreneurship, empower women, and provide social security measures. The project focuses on providing training programs to rural workers in diverse sectors, equipping them with the necessary skills for better job opportunities and improved livelihoods. It also aims to connect skilled rural workers with suitable job placements through the establishment of robust job networks and collaborations with businesses and industries. The project encourages and supports entrepreneurship among rural workers, enabling them to start their own small-scale businesses and create self-employment opportunities. Special emphasis is placed on empowering rural women through skill training, employment opportunities, and entrepreneurship, promoting gender equality and inclusive economic participation. Additionally, the project advocates for social security measures, such as access to healthcare, insurance, and welfare schemes, to provide a safety net for the rural workforce and foster financial stability. Through these efforts, the project seeks to uplift the lives of rural workers, foster economic progress, and promote social empowerment in rural India